We are preparing our trip to LEGOLAND Denmark!

Here the diaper bag… there the clothes of littleone and to my right side the tower of toys she wants to take with…

Well, you see, we are preparing a journey:

Tomorrow we will go to Denmarks Legoland (Billund)!!! 🙂


We are: Littleone PĂźppilotta, Deva, our trainee Rebecca and of course me.

It is our first press trip for the FAMILYMAG and we will tell you eveything about the hotel, the attracktions and the abilities for little children.

So don´t let me forget the camera, netbook, mobile and – of course LEILA, our mascot!!!

The car is groaning yet because of the orbit baby stroller. But I am sure we will need it… So:



Tomorrow we will write about the hotel of LEGOLAND and if you have a look to our sidebar, you can see the photos of our instagram-account!

And now:

Have a nice evening, I am going to play TETRIS with the bags in the car;)

Greetings from the diaper-front


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